1Win South Africa Privacy Policy Rules

Every online bookmaker or casino has basic rules that its customers must agree to upon signing up, and 1Win is no exception. The Privacy Policy section of the site contains the key rules and principles you must follow to get the maximum pleasant gambling and betting experience without negative consequences (account block, penalties, and so on).

Win Privacy Policy Basics

All 1Win South Africa Privacy Policy basics can be found within the corresponding section of the site. There, you can discover more about how 1Win gathers, processes, and stores all the data you provide or that the platform collects on its own. 1Win requires this information for multiple reasons, but the following ones are the most important. 

  • Provide the best security measures for all players;
  • Prevent any type of fraudulent activity;
  • Give 1Win clients the best service quality;
  • Comply with the norms set by the Curacao regulator. 

Please note that the site’s experts constantly revise and bring changes to the list of rules. As a rule, this revision takes place every year and helps the bookie’s customers get the best and safest gambling/betting experiences. 

The platform is not obliged to notify users about any changes made. That is why you should check the “Rules” section periodically and look for updates.

All Types of Information 1Win Gathers

It is crucial to check 1Win’s T&Cs before placing a bet. It is better to do it on signing up by following the link attached to the registration form. After you agree to the 1Win T&Cs, you let the platform know that you understand all your rights, responsibilities, and potential negative consequences for violating the casino’s rules. Explore more details about the information 1Win collects and stores:

  • Users’ first and last names;
  • The current location from which you log into the 1Win account;
  • Phone number and relevant email address;
  • Data on all previous deposits and withdrawals you performed;
  • All actions the user makes on the platform.

1Win actively uses this data pool to control your account and provide you with the best safety practices.

Ways 1Win Gatherers and Stores Data

It is crucial to understand the way 1Win gathers and stores information you provide or which it collects on its own. In case you are not aware of the way this process operates, please check the simple algorithm below:

  1. A user opens their personal profile.
  2. The bookmaker receives essential cookies.
  3. A client provides the site with basic info on registering a personal profile. The same is true for data 1Win collects when you do the following: replenish the balance with real money, withdraw winnings, bet on sports events, play casino games, request rewards, and more.

Keep in mind that the site does not resend any sensitive information to third parties (unless you permit this action). Such critical information is stored separately in dedicated databases with trusted encryption, which minimises the risk of data leakage and unauthorised use

If a user decides to stop using 1Win services, the site automatically deletes sensitive data it collected previously. This process may take some time, so if you decide to speed it up, you can contact the casino’s experts from the customer care service and send a request.

Liability Measures for Violating 1Win Rules

1Win has a clear list of liability measures which may be applied to those users who deliberately violate the site’s Privacy Policy rules:

  • The casino reserves the right to block users’ accounts temporarily or permanently;
  • 1Win experts may set limits on the sum you can use while replenishing the balance or withdrawing winnings;
  • The bookmaker may set restrictions on special actions you can do on the site depending on the nature of your violation.

1Win seriously takes its reputation in a very challenging iGaming industry. For this purpose, the site carefully monitors all personal profiles to prevent suspicious activity. If you think that the penalty on your account was set by mistake, you can always contact the site’s experts and resolve the problem.