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The internationally acclaimed 1Win online betting site now brings the exciting crash game Space XY to local punters. We will be looking at the game in detail covering everything from how to play the game and the best features of Space XY. Simply register with 1Win today to play Space XY.

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What is the Space XY Game?

Space XY is not just another crash game but rather it’s a one of the simpler games that you will play with potential huge rewards. The game has been developed by one of the giants in the gaming industry, BGaming. They are highly regarded in the world of video slots and online casino games. 

The theme of Space XY is all about space and rockets and will appeal to experienced and newbie punters due to its simplicity. There are excellent features on the game but it is the maximum payout of 10 000x your stake that will attract a lot of interest from players. All you need to do is place a 1Win bet and start playing Space XY. 

The table below highlights more information about the game.

Year Founded 2022
Maximum Win 10 000x your stake 
Basic information about this crash game

Space XY casino game top features

Playing the Space XY at the 1Win casino is an entertaining experience as the game has fantastic graphics and the speed of the 1Win site adds to the excitement. There are now a multitude of crash games available but Space XY is a class above the rest. Here are some of the advantages of playing the Space XY casino game.  

  • Maximum payout 10 000x your stake 
  • Excellent graphics and features 
  • Simple to navigate and play 
  • RTP of 97%
  • The betting range is suitable for newbie and experienced punters
Advantages of this particular popular Space XY game

How to play Space XY

The first step to playing the Space XY game is to complete your registration process at 1Win. Log onto the 1Win site and click on the Complete Registration button on the top right of the home page. Once you have completed your registration, you can make your first deposit. 

You can now play the Space XY game on either the 1Win desktop site or on the 1Win application. Whichever option you choose, you can be assured the same excellent graphics and features will be available. You will find the Space XY game under the Casino Tab on the home 1Win home page. If the game is not immediately visible then simply use the Search feature on the page to find the game. 

You are now ready to place your first bet. Simply wager an amount and get ready for the Jet to take off. You will need to click on the place bet and then be ready to Cash out before the Jet disappears. Remember if the Jet flies off before you cash out, you lose your bet.

To start playing, you need to register at 1Win, make a deposit and find a game

Space XY Gameplay

Playing the Space XY game is simple, first you need to place a bet before your jet launches. While the jet is flying, you can cash out before it explodes. The longer your jet flies the higher the multiplier climbs but so does the risk of the jet crashing. You can choose to have the game automatically spin for you and you can set it to cash out at certain points. 

You can also make two bets before the rocket launches which gives you two chances to cash out before it explodes. There aren’t any fancy bonus features or free spins in this game but you can double your bets in one round to increase your chances of winning.

The gameplay is very simple, it's similar to other crash games

Space XY Demo

The 1Win site allows players to try out the Space XY demo mode. They fund you with a R1000 for which you can play for fun. There is no risk attached to playing in demo mode as you are not using real money. It is an excellent idea to play in demo mode as you will get practice on the game before you start playing with real money.

If you are a beginner, try the demo version of the game for safe money first

How to win Space XY

Space XY, like any form of gambling comes with risks as there is no guarantee of winning. There are however tips that can assist you with betting on Space XY. Here are some helpful hints: 

To increase your chances of winning, play with a cool mind and watch the stats

Monitor the game before betting

In the Space XY game the outcome is completely random and it’s determined by a certified random number generator. But if you watch the game for a while, you might start to see patterns and predict what will happen when you play with real money.

Don’t dwell on past results

Don’t focus too much on what happened before. Just because the rocket went far in one round doesn’t mean it will go even further next time and vice versa. Maximise your chances of success by placing two bets at once.

Use the Auto-Cashout feature to maximise your profits

The auto cash-out feature helps with the Space XY strategy. To make sure you don’t miss a chance to win big, set your auto cash-out to double your bet for one play. If you are happy with your winnings then you can manually withdraw them from the other bets. Just click on the area next to the bet you want to customise and adjust it to what you want.

Take control of your finances

Always allocate a budget to play and when you reach that limit, stop playing. Never chase your losses and this could lead to financial issues. 

How to withdraw money from Space XY

Before you start playing Space XY, you will need to deposit money in your 1Win account. There are a multitude of options for you to make a deposit or withdrawal at 1Win. If you want to make a withdrawal after winning with Space XY, simple follow these steps:

  • Click on the Account Icon on the home page 
  • Select Withdraw from the drop down menu
  • Confirm your email address
  • Choose your withdrawal 
  • Enter the amount you wish to withdraw
Withdrawing your winnings from 1Win Casino is very similar to the deposit process


Does crazy Space XY pay real money?
Yes, all wins are real money, meaning that you can withdraw your winnings at any time.
Is Space XY legit?
Yes, Space XY is totally legit as leading games provider BGaming has designed the game which is fair to all players.
Is Space XY a scam?
No, Space XY is not a scam as it is a totally legitimate game.